1.Strict qualitycontrol: Professional technical team would conduct overall inspection, accuratelymeasure those high precision parts. Take king pin kit for example, every set ofCREATEK king pin kit is double checked, measured and re-matched to make betterfit clearance and lengthen part working life.

2.Technical improvement:According to road situation and working areacondition in different countries, CREATEK improve and optimize parts materialand dimensions to strengthen parts function and lengthen parts working life tospecially satisfy clients’ requirements.For instance, CREATEK fuel tank cover is made of top material, combinedwith anti-theft, pressure adjusting, safe and energy-efficient functions. It ischaracterized by compact structure,excellent seal function and longer workinglife. CREATEKcabin shock absorber is significantly improved at spring diameter,piston roddiameter,damping stroke, structure hardness and so on, as a result, its ampingeffect and structure durability is highly upgraded.。

3.Great technological develop capacity CREATEK products line is continuously extended with help of professional technicians who focus on developing wearingparts fitting road condition and working situation in target markets.

4.Regular packaging and thorough inventorymanagement system CREATEK products are equipped withuniform packaging and labeling regulations, neat and elegant. All parts shallstrictly through management in warehouse.

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